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Customized Legal Bookkeeping Services:

Legal Books Inc. is a full service legal bookkeeping firm that offers a comprehensive list of services including bookkeeping, legal practice management, cloud migration, support, training, and payroll administration services.  We excel in maintaining your financial in compliance with your Law Socierty By-Laws and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Legal bookkeeping is an integral component of financial management for lawyers and law firms ensuring accuracy is maintained in all accounting documents as well as building a comprehensive picture of the firm finances.  We ensure any and all discrepancies are accounted for and properly corrected maintaing error-free level of financial control.

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Monthly Reconciliations

We provide consistent monthly bookkeeping and thorough bank reconciliation completion. Whether you require monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly reconciliations, we will tailor our servies to align with your specific requirements. Our commitment involves diligently recording all transactions, promptly detecting any inconsistencies and deficiencies, and taking necessary corrective measures to ensure Law Society compliance.

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Data Rebuilds

The process of updating or rebuilding financial records is meticulous and requires careful attention. Our objective is to handle this task accurately and efficiently, using the most cost-effective and timely approach. We prioritize precision throughout the process to guarantee the accuracy of all financial records.

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Trust Accounting Compliance

At Legal Books Inc., we have a profound understanding of the specific requirements of your law practice, particularly when it comes to trust accounting. We prioritize compliance with all Law Society By-Laws and Rules of Professional Conduct, while also taking steps to safeguard against unauthorized transactions and misuse. As part of our services, we conduct internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance and initiate discussions with you regarding recommended procedures to maintain compliance and robust record-keeping. These measures are carefully designed to guarantee that your trust accounts adhere to all Law Society's By-Laws and that your firm remains adequately protected.

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Startup and Training

A crucial aspect of starting a new law firm is the seamless setup and effective utilization of your accounting software. Whether you're a newly established firm or seeking assistance with understanding your legal accounting software or general practice management, we offer personalized one-on-one training sessions for you or your staff. By ensuring proper setup and providing comprehensive training, we enable efficient use of your legal accounting software, minimizing errors, enhancing accuracy, and promoting better financial management.

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Data Migrations

The task of transitioning your data from an established accounting system to a cloud-based accounting system can appear overwhelming. This process encompasses various crucial steps, including validating data accuracy, comprehending custom configurations or unique data structures, orderly data migration, and subsequent post-migration validation and testing. Despite the challenges, migrating data to cloud accounting systems presents notable advantages. It enables the modernization of your firm's bookkeeping and accounting systems, streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

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Yearend Preparation

As the year draws to a close, we offer an end-of-year review and cleanup of your financial records, ensuring they are in order before being submitted to your Accountant. Our team will diligently address any deficiencies that may arise and prepare a comprehensive year-end package for your Accountant to facilitate tax preparation.  You can trust our established reputation for effectively minimizing accountant fees.

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