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Law Society Spot Audits
+ Practice Mangement Reviews.

If your law firm is currently facing a Law Society Spot Audit or Practice Management Review, we are here to provide immediate support and assist with the necessary preparations. Call us today, and don't forget to mention your pending audit for a prompt and urgent response.


At Legal Books Inc., we recognize that Law Society Spot Audits are a reality that every law firm will encounter. To ensure compliance with all Law Society By-Laws, we offer a comprehensive review of your records. Our meticulous approach allows us to promptly identify and rectify any minor deficiencies present in your firm's record-keeping practices, mitigating the risk of Law Society non-compliance claims.

If your law firm is facing a pending audit, we are ready to step in immediately and provide the necessary support and preparation. With our extensive experience in handling numerous Law Society Spot Audits and Practice Management reviews, we possess valuable insight into what the Law Society will be looking for even before they inquire.

Our services are designed to uphold and promote high-quality law firm record-keeping. We are here to address your questions and offer guidance.  

CRA Audits,
HST Reviews,
+ Payroll Assessments.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audits involve comprehensive financial assessments conducted by the Canada Revenue Agency to ensure that businesses and individuals meet the established requirements and regulations. These audits aim to verify accuracy and compliance with various reporting and financial obligations, emphasizing the importance of maintaining precise records of your financial transactions. At Legal Books Inc., we take the responsibility of ensuring your firm's adherence to all necessary filing and reporting requirements seriously.

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